European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

Open Call: become a COOPENERGY partner region for multilevel governance in sustainable energy – by 14 March

COOPENERGY’s mission is to share experiences on multilevel governance, and promote coordinated territorial approaches to delivering sustainable energy plans. Would you like to participate in a bi-lateral exchange with one of our COOPENERGY expert partners, to support your collaborative work on sustainable energy? Then profit from the COOPENERGY project by becoming a partner region!

Interested? Contact Silva Herrmann, NENET (Sweden) at        Deadline: 14 March 2014



What do I get out of becoming a partner region?

All support COOPENERGY provides is based on the needs and interests of the partner region. We want to offer coaching tailor-made to the specific challenges of each partner region. You will benefit from:

  • a clever matching of your organisation with a COOPENERGY expert organisation, based on the partner region’s requirements and the expert organisation’s area of expertise;
  • an on-site visit (for up to 3 people, and up to 3 days) of best practices organized at your COOPENERGY expert organization premises for your policy makers or technical personnel. Your visit’s local accommodation expenses will be paid by the COOPENERGY project (hotel, meals, local transport, catering)
  • technical on-site support from COOPENERGY experts in your region (up to 2 experts, for up to 3 days);
  • at least 2 remote (phone or webconference) follow-up support sessions from the COOPENERGY experts;
  • promotion at the European level of your regional commitment to work and implement a collaboration model on sustainable energy planning with local authorities.

What do I have to contribute as a partner region?

  • A clear commitment by decision makers to work and implement a collaboration model on sustainable energy planning;
  • You cover the travel costs for your staff when visiting the COOPENERGY expert organization to observe their best practices;
  • You provide local accommodation expenses for the COOPENERGY experts (up to 2 experts, for up to 3 days: hotel, meals, local transport, catering) coming to your region to provide technical on-site support;
  • Join the online collaboration platform (free of charge) for further technical exchange.

How do I qualify for becoming a partner region?

The COOPENERGY project can offer 12 regions to become a partner. To become one of the 12, the following prerequisites are essential:

  • Strong commitment in your region with regards to EU202020 targets;
  • Strong motivation to implement collaborative models on energy with local authorities;
  • Knowledge about the needs and interests of the local level;
  • Competences in energy planning at the regional level and possibilities to make an impact;
  • COOPENERGY can deliver the expertise you are looking for!