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EUSEW 2014

Directors of Energy Agencies Networking – ManagEnergy
Energy Agencies supporters of the Covenant of Mayors signatories
Tues. 24 June p.m. and Wed. 25 June a.m. – Brussels

This 3rd edition will be dedicated to Regional and Local Energy Agencies as key partners of the Covenant of Mayors through the support that they can bring both to signatory municipalities and to provinces and regions (Covenant Territorial Coordinators). Designed in a fully interactive way, this year’s event will focus on the various activities that Regional and Local Energy Agencies could carry out to ensure the implementation of the municipalities’ SEAPs. Besides, this event will provide an opportunity to foster financing partnerships under Horizon 2020 and Interreg. In addition, in a recent development, the Covenant of Mayors initiative decided to publicly acknowledge the key role played by the Local and Regional Energy Agencies (LAREAs) by opening up a new section on the Covenant of Mayors website and the possibility for LAREAs to sign a pledge. A signing session of the Covenant of Mayors for Local and Regional Energy Agencies will be organised under the auspice of the Energy Directorate of the European Commission.


LICEA Smart Tool, Life Cycle based Energy Audit in Cluster SMEs
Thurs. 26 June 2014, 09:00-13:00 – Brussels

The directive 2006/32/EC highlights the role of Member States to ensure the availability of efficient energy audit schemes, designed to identify potential energy efficiency measures, applied to all end consumers including SMEs. But while several efforts have been made on the standardization of buildings audits and energy certification, the industrial audit for SMEs still needs a specific scheme and tools. LiCEA aims to address this by creating a ‘SMART’ tool (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound) for energy auditing in Cluster SMEs with the added-value of a life cycle approach revealing untapped energy saving opportunities. At the end of this event, the LiCEA Smart Tool for Energy Auditing SMEs in 6 Clusters (Textile Hosiery, Mechanical, Food Meat, Food Bakery, Hotel Spa) will be freely distributed to all Energy Agencies and energy experts!


Photovoltaic Net-Metering for larger PV development
Wed. 25 June 2014, 14:00-18:00 – Brussels

Photovoltaic net-metering is arguably one of the most effective schemes to promote renewable electricity in the liberalised electricity markets. Therefore, the “PV-NET” project consortium wishes to present its project results so far to a large European audience in the framework of EUSEW 2014. In this event, lessons learned will be shared, and speakers and policy makers have been invited to discuss the future of PV support schemes in Europe.


Buy Smart+ on Green Procurement In Europe
Thurs. 26 June 2014, 16:45-18:30 – Brussels

Every day both public institutions and private companies make small and large purchases, choosing offers based merely on the lowest price. This decision is made without considering the fact that these products often have higher operational costs and are more resource and energy intensive. In green public procurement the selection of offers is based on an evaluation of life cycle costs (purchasing, operating and disposal costs) and not only on the lowest price. Although they may be more expensive at the time of purchase, environmentally friendly products can work out cheaper in the long term. The final conference of the GPP project Buy Smart+ aims to show a different way to purchase products and services to save energy, optimise budget costs, and fulfill procurement in an environmentally friendly and efficient way.


Innovative LED lighting in cities: results from the ILLUMINATE project
Wed. 18 June 2014 – GENOA, ITALY

Lighting accounts for 14% of the energy consumption in Europe. LED technologies are emerging but still need some strong proven case studies to be rolled out at a large scale. To this end the EC (through the ICT-PSP Programme) co-financed 2 demonstration projects for lighting prestigious areas and buildings around Europe reaching out to more than 13 million visitors annually. The pilot projects demonstrate the high quality and flexibility LED offers as well as the energy savings and pollution reduction it brings. The focus of our event is to present the results of the ILLUMINATE project and the energy savings – on average 60% – achieved by the 7 pilots that have installed innovative LED systems: City Hall of Belfast, Rotterdam Zoo,Experimentarium (Danish Science Center), CretAquarium, Lithuanian Sea Museum, Porto Antico Genoa, Aquarium of Genoa.


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