European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

PRESS RELEASE – FEDARENE nominates its new president: Dr. Julije DOMAC, Director of REGEA

DSC_9215_J-DomacFEDARENE is very pleased to announce the nomination of its new president, Dr. Julije DOMAC, following its General Assembly of 2013 in October in Croatia.

Dr. DOMAC is the Director of REGEA, the North-West Croatia Energy Agency, since its creation as the first energy agency of Croatia in 2008. Established by Zagreb County, Karlovac County, Krapina-Zagorje County and the City of Zagreb under the framework of the Intelligent Energy Europe programme, the agency’s mains objectives and roles are to promote and encourage regional sustainable developent through energy efficiency measures and renewable energy sources. The agency focuses on local actions through the direct cooperation with regional and municipal governments that showed great interest. The national ‘Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund’ financially supports the agency.

As well as holding a PhD on “Methodology for Analysis of Energy, Economic and Social Aspects of Bioenergy Systems“, Mr. DOMAC is a recognised international expert who has written more than 60 scientific and professional papers, worked as a task manager at the IEA, as well as lectured at major international scientific events. From 2004, Julije worked as an EC Independent Technical Expert / Project Reviewer for FP6 (6th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development) and IEE (Intelligent Energy Programme). He has also served as a paper reviewer at numerous international conferences and recognized journals.

Following his nomination, Mr. DOMAC expressed his enthusiasm at taking on this new role and challenge: “I am very honoured and ready to take on the next chapter of the FEDARENE presidency. I believe in the important role which FEDARENE should continue to play in Europe and the even stronger impact we can achieve together in the upcoming years!