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“The 2013 European Bioenergy Outlook”‘s report published by AEBIOM

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The European Biomass Association (AEBIOM) has published its’ yearly statistical report: “The 2013 European Bioenergy Outlook“. This extensive collection of data on biomass aims to contribute to a better understanding and further successful development of bioenergy technologies in Europe.

The complexity of the bioenergy sector makes it difficult to have a clear overview about the situation of the sector and its future potential. Therefore, the information about all bioenergy related issues is scattered around different sources and sometimes the figures are not even consistent. This is why AEBIOM publishes each year this collection of data on biomass.

The 2013 edition report consists of two main parts; the first one provides basic information about the biomass resources originated from forest, agricultural and waste streams. The second part is structured according to its end use: electricity, heat and transport.

Furthermore, the report includes two interesting chapters respectively focusing on biogas and on the pellet sector, elaborated by EPC.

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