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The Smart Cities Project “TRASNFORM” launches an online friendly handbook to guide the transformation process of municipalities into smart cities. The handbook offers a methodology to replicate the successful planning experience carried out by six EU cities (Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Lyon, Wien, Genoa) during project life.

The proposed easy and concrete 7-step approach deals with data collection and analysis, political commitment, stakeholders selection and vision sharing, pilot areas and definition of an agenda with a roadmap for getting smart. Examples and documents from the 6 cities are available for download and inspiration.

The handbook, available at offers also a parallel comics-based session specifically created by a cartoon artist: just follow the funny “car” to access a lively, and smart, world based on a “cookbook” metaphor, where you can find a chef (political commitment), ingredients (data), a menu (priorities), team to serve (stakeholders), etc.

The concept of this online handbook was created by City of Genoa, IRE S.p.A and Siemens AG Austria. Cartoonist: Bas Kholer.

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