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EECC – European Enterprises Climate Cup

The European Enterprises Climate Cup (EECC) is a competition between small and medium sized enterprises, both at the European and the national levels. It aims at encouraging enterprises to take action for energy saving, and thus reach the targets set by the EU for 2020.


  Energy efficiency SMEs

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The European Enterprises Climate Cup (EECC) aims at helping small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) manage energy efficiency, and take the lead in this field. It will thus contribute to reach the European climate targets set for 2020 (a 20 percent reduction in CO2 emissions, a renewable energy share of 20 percent, and a 20 percent increase in energy efficiency).

The initiative is based on a project which has previously been funded by the European Commission : the European Citizens Climate Cup (2011-2012). It consisted in an energy saving competition between private households at the European scale, and its success paved the way for this new project.

Small and medium sized enterprises with a separate office space, and counting up to 250 employees are encouraged to enter the competition in ten different European countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Malta and Spain). At least 30 SMEs will be selected in each participating country (300 in total) to take part in the competition.

The participants will be required to register for an Interactive Energy Savings Account, which will store their energy data, and provide a way of controlling the energy consumption, the cost and the CO2 emissions. The project partners will then help the SMEs to :

  • define, prioritize and implement energy saving measures ;
  • promote behavioural changes within the workforce.

This will take the form of regular energy advice, and tips on how to reduce energy consumption.

The Interactive Energy Savings Account system will regularly provide a ranking of the competition’s frontrunners, in order to encourage SMEs to take further action. At the end of the project, the 3 companies which record the highest savings and the most ambitious saving activities will be determined at the European level. In addition, the SMEs will be assessed at the national level and the frontrunners will be awarded a prize.

In total 175 SMEs are participating in the competition, among them 10 national and three European winners will be selected and awarded.


  • The European Competition

In each country SMEs will be selected to participate in the EECC project by the initiators of the competition, and at least 10 exemplary detailed energy audits of office buildings will be performed in order to create a basis for energy efficiency measures that could be taken by the participants. In total, at least 300 SMEs take part.

By the end of the EECC competition, the three SMEs with the highest savings and the most ambitious saving activities across Europe are determined according to the award criteria of the competition.


  • The National Competition

In addition to the European contest, the participants in each country will also be assessed at the national level. The top participants will be given a prize for the national competition. These energy champions will be promoted as good practice for other SMEs. The winner will be selected according to energy savings and implementation of energy saving measures and behavior changes of its employees. The energy champions will also be invited and decorated within the European award ceremony.