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EESI 2020 – European Energy Service Initiative

“EESI 2020 – the European Energy Service Initiative towards the EU 2020 energy saving targets” is a project addressing the EU 20% energy saving objective by a significantly broader use of Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)


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As highlighted in the new Energy Services Directive (2012/27/EU), energy services such as Energy Performance Contracting are important tools for the refurbishment of buildings and for the upgrade of public infrastructures. However, although many European cities have committed to implement energy saving actions, certain barriers are hindering the use of EPC as a means to open up saving potentials. These barriers are mainly of a non-technological nature, such as the lack of systematic information, of trust, of procurement procedures, and the missing capacities of market and project facilitators.

To address these barriers, the EESI 2020 project aims at supporting large cities and metropolitan regions integrate long-lasting EPC implementation schemes in their energy plans. EESI 2020 will concentrate on the systematic implementation of EPC projects in these cities and regions. Within the project team some experienced EPC project facilitators as knowledgeable “Senior partners” will make the European best practice experiences on how to develop an EPC project available for new “Junior partners”. The main transmitters for the EESI 2020 actions will be project facilitators. Once trained to professionals, they will be multipliers for the EPC concept in their regions and secure long-term effects of EESI 2020.