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E-Mobility Works

The project aims at fully developing e-mobility potentials in European municipalities and businesses, by developing e-mobility action plans for the municipalities and consulting local businesses regarding the integration of e-mobility in their corporate strategies.



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E-Mobility works is a European project realized under the program IEE (Intelligent Energy Europe) of the European Commission. The project is managed by the Austrian Grazer Energieagentur, with partners from 9 different countries across EU.

The Project aims to integrate e-mobility in European Municipalities, strongly involving local business to ensure and lead a new decision making process in Municipal Administrations related to eMobility.

Did you know that E-vehicles have, compared to conventionally fueled vehicles, many advantages:
  • E-vehicles are more energy efficient (efficiency factor of a conventionally fueled car is 20 – 30 %, while e-cars show an efficiency factor of up to 80 – 85 %).
  • E-vehicles may be easily supplied with all types of energy from renewable energy sources.
  • E-vehicles reduce greenhouse gas emissions (if supplied with electricity from renewable energy source).
  • E-vehicles are very cost efficient in terms of operation and maintenance.
  • E-vehicles cause low noise emissions (particularly at low speed).

The e-Mobility Project implements these actions to support Municipalities:

  • Creation of a local network of Municipalities and enterprises working on e-mobility that will analyze and realize new concrete possibilities to ensure a good development
  • Municipal Action plans dedicated to e-mobility, elaborating innovative business services such as vehicles or recharging stations and financial schemes to support them.
  • Implementation of e-mobility action plans with a strong engagement of local stakeholders.