European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

ENNEREG Sustainable Energy Twinning Programme Summary

The ENNEREG sustainable energy twinning programme, being the most prominent feature of the project’s replication efforts, was launched in order for each ENNEREG region to enter into a dedicated dialogue on replicating project achievements with one twin region outside the ENNEREG consortium. This included among many things inspiring the twin partners on how to approach the SEAP development process and initiate SEPs as well as to build relations reaching beyond the ENNEREG project.

This report is a summary of the ENNEREG sustainable energy twinning experiences and results. It provides the reader with 7 brief case stories of ENNEREG twinning partnerships.

In addition to the ENNEREG regions’ evaluation of the twinning exercises, this summary builds on the results of a survey amongst ENNEREG regions and twin partners respectively and a Mutual Learning Meeting of the ENNEREG regions in Bilbao, Spain, 7 November 2012.

The ENNEREG Sustainable Energy Twinning Process:

  1. Identification of twin partner by the ENNEREG region, agreement on twinning and joint drafting of twinning work programme
  2. Initiation of activities, including at least one ENNEREG region mission to its twin partner
  3. Evaluation of twinning process, activities and outcome by the ENNEREG region