European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

Country Monitoring Reports


These reports contain data on operational AD plants in each partner region, plus those in planning and construction. Plants are categorised by type and output capacity, and reports are regularly updated as the landscape evolves.

uk  United Kingdom – No 1 Mar 2012No 2 Sept 2012No 3 Jun 2013N°4 Feb 2014

de  Germany – No1 Aug 2012No2  July 2013

at  Austria – No1 Oct 2011No2 Sept 2012

fr  France – No1 Feb 2012No2 Sept 2012No3 Jan 2013

be  Belgium – No1 May 2012No2 Oct 2012

it  Italy – No1 Oct 2012 Table April 2013

dk  Denmark – No1a  – No1b

hu  Hungary – No1 Dec 2011 – No2 Mar 2012

si  Slovenia – No1 No2

hr  Croatia – No1No2

se  Sweden – No1