European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

ENNEREG – Evaluation of the regional programmes for coordinated promotional activities

The purpose of this document is to report on the investigation of the status of regional activities in the ENNEREG Regions as far as implementation and evaluation are concerned.

The 3rd and 4th Knowledge Transfer workshops specifically address the challenge and offer solutions on how to keep the regional momentum for sustainable energy planning going, which was triggered with the ENNEREG project. The ENNEREG is a very useful project by developing the fundamentals for many regional SEAPs which will later hopefully be more advanced on the basis of existing ENNEREG’s SEAPs.

The third Knowledge transfer workshop of the project, produced the material for this document. The workshop took place after the execution of the core part of the regional work programmes.

The main objective of this workshop was the evaluation and presentation of regional achievements so far. Focus will be made in the replication of those achievements in the twin regions. Lessons learned will also help the replication regions to achieve more successes than failures comparing to the pioneer regions. Discussion will ensure the sustainability of the actions.

The Work Package leaders provided the overall framework for the workshop and how to organise the discussion. Regional partners presented their achievements from the regional work programmes, both, the successes and failures as well as barriers to be overcome. Based on these presentations, discussion was organised aiming at 1) giving useful approaches for dealing with specific problems in the process of SEAP development and SEP implementation, 2) how to continue the promotional activities in the target regions and 3) how to start up replication in other regions in form of twinning arrangements.