European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

ENNEREG – Strategy for future action in the ENNEREG regions

During the project, the ENNEREG partners have worked in the development of sustainable energy action plans (SEAP) in their represented regions and in the promotion of sustainable energy projects (SEP). The objective of this document is to present how they intend to continue their efforts after the end of the project, developing the activities planned in the regional SEAP and ensuring the attraction of the necessary resources to promote sustainable energy projects.

Some of the SEAPs defined with the support of the project have been approved by the respective administrations and others still need to be matured to be accepted at the regional level and to be implemented. Thus, the situation is not the same in every region, and the approach to work in sustainable energy is not the same either. This document summarizes the common as well as the specific aspects about how the regions expect to organize and carry on the work on sustainable energy in the next future.

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