European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

Evaluation of ENNEREG Communication and Dissemination Activities – Summary Report

This report on the Evaluation of ENNEREG Communication and Dissemination Activities provides an analysis of the dissemination activities of the ENNEREG project. In particular it evaluates the effectiveness of the online dissemination via the ENNEREG Regions 202020 website –

The aim of this Summary Report, is to illustrate the effectiveness of the Regions 202020 website and Regions 202020 Network as a dissemination, promotion, networking and communications platform for Sustainable Energy Regions throughout Europe.

It also aims to:

  • Celebrate the success of the ENNEREG project dissemination actions
  • Act as a Good Example of how promotion and communication activities can be implemented in European projects
  • Illustrate the added value that can be achieved when projects with similar target audiences cooperate, as exemplified by the Sustainable Energy Communities NEWS which was produced by the ENNEREG project based on input and translation provided by 5 Intelligent Energy – Europe Sustainable Energy Communities projects: ENNEREG, city_SEC, come2CoM, Energy for Mayors and ENESCOM.
  • Inspire further regions to join the Regions 202020 Network by registering online at and to add their region and its communities, stakeholder organisations and resources to the Regions 202020 website.

The results of this evaluation confirm that the Regions 202020 Platform has successfully met the needs of the ENNEREG project by ensuring that project publications and results reach its target audience both at the regional and European level ensuring support for regional actions in the ENNEREG regions and inspiring replication in Sustainable Energy Regions throughout Europe.

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