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Innovative LED lighting: results from the ILLUMINATE project

Read our ILLUMINATE pilots’ achievements: on average 60% energy saved!

The use of Solid State Lighting technology Solid-State Lighting (SSL) (type of lighting that uses semiconductor light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as sources of illumination) is still problematic when light quality is a requirement which can not be compromised, as in high quality urban areas or in buildings hosting exhibitions and museums. In these scenarii, illumination is part of the environment, interacts with the architecture and participates in creating the special atmosphere which makes the place entertaining and unique.

The ILLUMINATE project started as a demonstration project to test standardised solutions able to meet the specific needs of such environments, which go beyond energy efficiency concerns. A network of cities and exhibition buildings across Europe were selected to study, deploy, demonstrate and assess a widely applicable approach to Solid State Lighting (SSL) adoption, which can be easily replicated.

7 pilots deployed, here is a quick overview of the results achieved:

illuminate results

 Read the borchure by clicking on the link below: