European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

“Candidate in local elections? A sustainable approach to development is the smart way!”, RARE network (FR)

The Network of Regional Agencies for Energy and Environment (RARE) recently published a report addressed to candidates for 2014 Municipal election. The publication, entitled “Candidates in the municipalities? The sustainable development, a chance to play!” focuses the attention on the value of sustainable development as a fundamental objective for political action as well as for the future progress of French cities and towns.

An overview of the report
The first part of the report is dedicated to clearly explain the importance of a urban sustainable approach and main reasons justifying its inclusion in political programmes of candidates for 2014 Municipal election. The publication puts in evidence how sustainable development in cities could be real and concrete adopting specific measures involving renewable energies, green mobility, energy savings etc.The “Track strategies for a sustainable environment” section deals with precious tips and proposals for the implementation of a sustainable development approach in different fields from local economy to social action, including measures for the protection of health, the environment and supporting cultural initiatives. The RARE analysis is completed by an introductory study about novelties after the 2008 Municipal elections dealing with the economic crisis, unemployment, poverty and the key role of social cohesion.

The objective of the RARE report is evident from the publication’s title; the analysis aims at promoting sustainable development and convincing Municipal candidates to include it in their political programs for 2014 Municipal elections.

In order to provide a deep and comprehensive analysis of past Municipal policies, RARE published a VIDEO about experiences from the elected candidates.