European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

Policy recommendations from the Streetlight-EPC project

This document presents the key findings of this project with a focus on speeding up market development of EPC and other energy efficiency investments in lighting but also other sectors. It aims to give policy recommendations to actors on local, regional, national and EU levels.

The project “Streetlight-EPC”, funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme, created demand and supply for EPC in 9 European regions by providing regional EPC facilitation services and supporting projects towards implementation. The project had a focus on smaller municipalities.
In the frame of Streetlight-EPC, 47 projects were implemented using a variety of EPC models and 16 more with other financing or operational models. In total, 29 million Euro are invested (leverage factor of 27 EU funding compared to sustainable energy investment made). Through these projects, more than 28,000 MWh will be saved annually as well as over 3.5 million Euros for electricity and maintenance costs. 42 of the projects were street lighting refurbishments, 21 related to indoor lighting and/or building refurbishment (e.g. heating systems). Details on these projects and the facilitation services are available on