European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

Working Group Report on Strategies and Actions

The ClimactRegions Project aims to develop policies, strategies and actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across regions in Europe. With this in mind, this report details the outputs of the first of two working group meetings organised by the ClimactRegions partnership focusing on the development of effective strategies and actions.
The working group identified key barriers to developing and implementing greenhouse gas mitigation strategies and actions across Europe, including:
• A lack of robust data;
• Identifying and involving key stakeholders;
• Financial constraints;
• Gaining support from politicians at local and regional levels;
• A lack of technical knowledge and skills.

Potential solutions identified included the collection of a sound evidence base, involvement in European projects as a potential source of funds for financing actions and opportunities to share knowledge and learn from other partners across Europe about their methods and areas of success.
It is hoped that this working group meeting will form a good basis for identifying further opportunities to help partners across Europe to develop more effective greenhouse gas mitigation strategies and actions. In particular, the following areas should be considered when identifying external experts for the second working group meeting on this theme:
• Identifying potential sources of funding, with a focus on European funding;
• Obtaining political support and commitment – engaging politicians in initiatives;
• Building the capacity of staff and stakeholders – technical knowledge and expertise;
• Robust data collection.