European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

Report on ENNEREG Knowledge Transfer Workshops

This document reports and evaluates  each of the 4 Knowledge Transfer Workshops that were organised among regional partners of the ENNEREG project. The main aim of these workshops was to ensure cross-regional transfer of experience within the various cooperation topics (Sustainable Energy Themes) of the project.

By sharing their experiences, the 12 ENNEREG regions hope to inspire and assist other regions in developing, implementing and evaluating their own Sustainable Energy Action Plans.

The four workshops were:

  • 1st Knowledge Transfer Workshop on concepts for coordinated promotional activities
  • 2nd Knowledge Transfer Workshop on the realisation of the coordinated promotional activities and the methods on monitoring their impact
  • 3rd Knowledge Transfer Workshop on evaluation of achievements in target regions and how to organise the implementation of coordinated promotional activities at the regional level
  • 4th Knowledge Transfer Workshop on presenting the overal results of ENNEREG and exploring appropriate ways on organising future promotional efforts.

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