European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

All the candidates for the RLA 2017

Discover the nominees for the Roger Léron Award 2017! Among them, 3 finalists will be chosen by our Jury composed of 7 highly skilled experts – five members of FEDARENE, one representative of the EU Institutions (European Committee of the Regions) and a representative of the sustainable energy industry. A ceremony will be held in October in XXXXXX.




BACILA Marian-Valentin,

Mayor of the Ucea City, he has been involved in the low-carbon transition throughout his mandate and has been given his city the tools to accomplish the goals of renewable energy promoted by the European Union. Indeed, with the use of solar panels today, he kept working with the public authorities promoting a low-carbon economy in the whole city. Including the whole inhabitants of the city, he made the city less dependent to energy with a local energy consumption provided by the photovoltaic park.

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Mayor of the Velika Gerica City in Croatia, he signed for the Covenant of Mayors in 2010 and fully accepted to achieve the goals of the Energy Efficiency Directive promoted by the European Union, involving the actors of his city. To say so, he registered in 2011 and 2015, through the city policy, local sustainable energy plans to reduce energy poverty and to improve the use of energy in the city.

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FORD Andrew,

Founder of the Future of Rural Energy in Europe – FREE Initiative – he advocated for more than 20 years about the good use of sustainable energy in rural areas in the European Union. Trying to manage the issues encountered in rural communities regarding climate changes or energy poverty, he fought for a better recognition of those rural communities at the European level. Today, he gathers and manages around his project, 20 members from European associations to European regions.

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Founder and director of the Greenitiative NGO, created in 2007, she has been raising renewable and sustainable energy awareness to mostly children and students in Romanian schools. With this personal project to explain and to give different opinions on what climate change is, she never gave up and fought for a better recognition of these issues at national level. Today, with the support of the State, she created the Green Schools Platforms to give access to the teachers the necessary training to involve the young generations to these current problems.

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KLEIN Aloïs, 

The French farmer who decided after a trip in Congo, to reduce his energy consumption in a way to reduce the energy consumption from the other countries. Indeed, Congo is one of the biggest nuclear elements suppliers in the world. To have this impact, through a holistic approach, he founded the “Energie Partagée” association to reduce the energy consumption of the local area where he lives and therefore, to involve the inhabitants next to him thank to local projects such as “Projet Méthamoly”.

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He was one of the first in Croatia to believe in renewable energy and developed the idea to give the State the goal of 100% renewable energy economy with the support of the Energy Protection and Efficiency Fund (EPEEF). With a good management of these Funds throughout the years, he carried out cooperation between Croatia and the rest of the European Union, managing the different EU financial projects regarding the use of better energy in the whole State. Doctor at University, he has been involved with more than 20 EU projects.

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ROOS Wilfried,

Mayor of the Saerbeck City in Germany, he has been leading the energy transition in his city since 2008 and has been pushed forwards the renewable energy structure more than expected. At local level, he saw the opportunity to tackle the climate change and the energy poverty in a way that he has been investing in renewable energy such as wind turbines, biomass plants… From 2008 to 2030, he insured the city and its inhabitants who are his first support, the planification of the energy transition with both, public and private actors.

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VIDIC Smiljan,

Mayor of the Capljina City in Croatia, he has been supporting the goals from the Energy Efficiency Directive and the Renewable Energy Directive in his city by dedicating time and effort towards the Covenant of Mayors he joined in 2016. Before this registration to be a global partner, he has been involved with schools retrofitting projects and gathered around this framework and his personality the whole city and become a good example of what can be done at local level when we inspire people.

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