European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

European projects and initiatives related to Streetlight-EPC

There is a number of current and past European projects and initiatives striving for objectives related to the “Streetlight-EPC” project :

  • Premium Light ProThe international initiative “Premium Light Pro” focuses on the implementation of next-level energy efficient LED lighting systems (indoor & outdoor lighting) in the private and public service sector. The main target of this initiative is to support the implementation of high quality and efficient LED-solutions by appropriate instruments and services. The successful implementation will be facilitated by the development of effective policy instruments which will be designed in cooperation with experts from the supply and demand side market.
  • guarantEE : This project fosters the use of Energy Performance Contracting in the public and private sector across Europe especially by: developing innovative EPC solutions for rented facilities; making EPC more flexible to better serve private sector clients; supporting EPC pilot projects with experienced facilitators.
  • GreenS – This project is designed to focus the attention of public authorities to the Green Public Procurement (GPP), Life Cycle Cost of the products and Life Cycle Procurement analysis as part of their means to achieving the ambitious goals for exceeding the EU 20% CO2 reduction by 2020.
  • SPP Regions – Regional Network for Sustainable Procurement: SPP Regions promotes the creation and expansion of European regional networks of municipalities working together on sustainable public procurement (SPP) and public procurement of innovation (PPI). Regional networks can help increase the capacity of public bodies for SPP and PPI, and send a stronger signal of demand for sustainability to suppliers.
  • ENERINVEST – Spanish Sustainable Energy Financing Platform: ENERINVEST aims to become the National Platform for financing Sustainable Energy Projects. A reference platform for consulting, meeting and dialogue among the main stakeholders in sectors involved. Technical, legal and financial solutions are offered to energy efficiency projects and renewable energies, promoted by both the public and private sectors.
  • CITYnvest: CITYnvest focuses on supporting and replicating successful innovative financing models for energy efficiency renovations in public buildings. It features models, based on Energy Performance Contracting (EPC), Third Party Financing (TPF), revolving funds, cooperatives and others.
  • TrustEE : TrustEE provides services to accelerate investment in industrial energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. They arrange attractive financing and guarantee options for qualified energy efficiency and renewable energy projects throughout Europe.
  • Primes – Green Public Procurement: Across six countries in Europe; Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Croatia, France and Italy, PRIMES project seeks to help municipalities overcome barriers in GPP processes. The project aim is to develop basic skills and provide hands-on support for public purchasing organizations in order to overcome barriers and implement Green Public Purchasing. This will support a consequent energy and CO2 reduction.
  • EPC PLUS – Energy Performance Contracting Plus: Development of commercial, standardized energy service packages for SMEs in each participant country that suit the specific and particular requirements of their country. These will include a standardized technical solution for a specific market sector, a model contract and, where possible, a financing solution
  • BEenerGi – Sustainable energy for Girona’s municipalities: Girona Provincial Council’s BEenerGi programme provides the necessary technical, legal and financial assistance for municipalities that have signed the Covenant of Mayors. The aim is to mobilise investments to promote energy efficiency in public lighting and in municipal buildings (which includes creating heating networks).
  • Proca – Green Public Procurement in Action: The main objective of ProcA is the promotion of green public procurement (GPP) among public authorities. The project primarily focusses on signatories of the Covenant of Mayors (CoM) addressing GPP in their Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP).
  • EESI2020 – European Energy Service Initiative: EESI 2020 – the European Energy Service Initiative towards the EU 2020 energy saving targets” is a project addressing the EU 20% energy saving objective by a significantly broader use of Energy Performance Contracting (EPC).
  • BLISS – Better Lighting In Sustainable Streets: BLISS is a European project which was set up to achieve a reduction in street lighting energy consumption. The project participants are St. Helens in the UK, Eindhoven in the Netherlands, Interleuven in Belgium and Kaiserslautern in Germany.
  • SSL-erate: SSL-erate is a 3-year coordination project that aims to accelerate the uptake of high-quality Solid State Lighting (SSL) technology in Europe by supporting open innovation and bringing validated information to all relevant stakeholders.