European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

ManagEnergy Event: Financial Instruments for Energy Efficiency In Municipalities – Plovdiv



This workshop, organised by the Energy Agency of Plovdiv and ManagEnergy, is aimed at representatives of local authorities, Covenant of Mayors signatories, representatives of national authorities, local and regional energy agencies and associations, energy efficiency and green energy business, local energy providers, energy experts and consultants.

The workshop will present national and European financial instruments and possibilities for finance of energy efficiency, green energy, and renewable energy sources solutions to the conventional energy challenges municipalities in Bulgaria face. Presentations will include finance models in Horizon 2020 and national funding, guaranteed contracting and RES finance, as well as good practice examples of successful financial schemes in municipalities. Among the presenters and lecturers are representatives of Ministry of Economics, Ecology Management Fund, FEDARENE, EVN, Dalkia, and Sofia Energy Agency and Blacksea energy research center, etc.

The workshop will provide a unique opportunity not only for local administrations to build their finance capacities, but also to connect directly with those implementing the financial schemes and get first-hand information for win-win collaborations. It is an excellent opportunity for networking and getting to know stakeholders of the same background and interests.

Organisation: Energy Agency of Plovdiv, Fedarene

Contact: Ina Karova, – Dominique Bourges,