European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

ManagEnergy Event: Directors of energy agencies networking

The event was organised by FEDARENE & ManagEnergy. It took place in Brussels the 24-25 June

The 3rd edition of this event was dedicated to Regional and Local Energy Agencies as key partners of the Covenant of Mayors through the support that they can bring both to signatory municipalities in developing and implementing their Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPS), and to provinces and regions (Covenant Territorial Coordinators) in technically coordinating the action and thus implementing the energy policy of the territory.
Designed in a fully interactive way, this year’s event focused on the various activities that Regional and Local Energy Agencies could carry out to ensure the implementation of the municipalities’ SEAPs. Among others, several sessions such as: Technical support, multilevel governance, simplified energy audit tool for SMEs, sustainable mobility plans, innovative financial tools (crowdfunding, cooperatives, micro-elena, regional revolving funds, ….) will punctuate these days. Besides, the event provided an opportunity to foster financing partnerships under Horizon 2020 and Interreg.
In addition, in a recent development, the Covenant of Mayors initiative decided to publicly acknowledge the key role played by the Local and Regional Energy Agencies (LAREAs) by opening up a new section on the Covenant of Mayors website and the possibility for LAREAs to sign a pledge.
A signing session of the Covenant of Mayors for Local and Regional Energy Agencies was organised under the auspice of the Energy Directorate of the European Commission.

By signing the pledge, the Regional and Local Energy Agencies committed to supporting the Covenant signatories and Territorial Coordinators in their efforts to meet and exceed the EU 20% CO2 reduction objective through increased energy efficiency and development of renewable energy sources.