European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

ManagEnergy event: One day just for … National Networks of Energy Agencies & Energy Agency Directors

The event was organised by ManagEnergy and FEDARENE. It was held in Brussels the 19th of June.

Target audience

National networks of energy agencies, and local/regional energy agency directors.

Overview: The meeting provided an update on the most important funding streams of the present and coming years, and covered the topic of agency interaction with the Covenant of Mayors, including how to support cities in the preparation and implementation of SEAPs. The day started with the identification of projects from each of the participating energy agencies (ten regional, four local, one national, and one provincial). Participants were then divided into three working groups:

  • Financing energy agencies
  • Financing sustainable energy activities
  • Working with the Covenant of Mayors

Conclusions: Through vivid discussion and exchange the participating energy agencies reached some of the following conclusions: