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ManagEnergy Event : Financial, legal and economic instruments towards the energy transition

Local authorities, social housing landlords, condominium apartment owners, etc., attended a 1.5-day workshop on financial, legal and economic instruments towards the energy transition in Paris on 27 and 28 March.

The first day of the workshop was opened by Marc Lipinski, President of the Ile-de-France regional energy agency (ARENE). During the morning the subject of green purchasing was covered, as well as energy performance contracting with lessons learned in the case of buildings and public lighting. The early afternoon was dedicated to local public enterprises and local public management companies, with presentations of the “SEM Energies POSIT’IF” (Ile-de-France region), the “SPL OSER” (Rhone-Alpes region) and the “SPEE” of Picardie region. After the break, discussion centered on cooperative enterprises serving the general interest (‘sociétés coopératives d’intérêt collectif’) with lessons learned and an overview of financial instruments.

Day two of the workshop focused in the morning on participatory finance with the feedback from two examples and the presentation of three projects. After the break, energy saving certificates were discussed with presentations on this instrument and lessons learned. The day concluded with a presentation of ERDF funds and regional policy.

This workshop was organised under the framework of the ManagEnergy initiative, which offers technical support under the former 2007-2013 Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) programme of the European Commission, aimed at developing the skills and expertise of local authorities and energy actors.

 Organisation: Fedarene, Ile-de-France regional energy agency (ARENE)

Contact: Dominique Bourges: