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Roger Léron Award – previous editions

First edition and ceremony of the Roger Léron Award


The Roger Léron Award has been created to celebrate outstanding contributions to the transition towards sustainable energy at the regional and local levels across the EU.

The Award is named in memory of Roger Léron, a pioneer of regional sustainable energy in Europe and one of the FEDARENE founders who also served as its President for over a decade (1995-2007). Deeply rooted in local and regional development, he had a far-reaching vision for greater sustainability in Europe.




The first ceremony was held in June 2015 in Brussels. The trophy was awarded to Herbert Stava (Austria) for his continuous engagement for energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainability over the past 30 years. He founded Energiepark Bruck/Leitha, an innovation and development centre (NGO), to transition his hometown towards a 100% renewable energy city and, in a second step, to develop the whole region towards 100% energy independence.

Herbert Stava – Winner Roger Léron Award –                                          FEDARENE


The Second edition of the Roger Léron Award


On February the 22nd 2016 the 2nd edition of the Roger Léron Award was launched. The trophy was handed over during a EU High Level Ceremony on 15th of June 2016 in Brussels – the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) – at the magnificent “Palais des Académies”. The evening began with inspiring speeches from several experts in the domain of sustainable energy policies:

  • Julije DOMAC, President of FEDARENE
  • Mary DONNELLY, Director, European Commission, – DG Energy
  • Mercedes BRESSO, Member of the European Parliament
  • Adrian JOYCE, Secretary General of EuroACE & Campaign Director of the Renovate Europe Campaign
  • Michel LEBRUN, Committee of the Regions
  • Christiane EGGER, Deputy Director of O.Ö Energiesparverband
  • Serge NOCODIE, Président of Rhônalpénergie-Environnement


 The jury had to make a tough call, but in the end, it bestowed Wolfgang Jilek (Austria). Mr. Jilek is a good example of why and how technical and political aspects are linked when we talk about energy. His involvement on a variety of levels has allowed him to be very influent in Styria and elsewhere.

After several years of being one of the Managers of the Styrian Energy Agency, M. Jilek became Energy Commissioner of Styria until he retired last summer. Even after retirement, M. Jilek kept working for an association for the “Training of Energy Consultants”, of which he was elected chairperson and asked to stay. He is also still active in the Concerted Action on the Energy Performance of Buildings.


The evening also celebrated the outstanding contributions of the 3 other nominees:

 Hans Gulliksson (Sweden) created the regional Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden where he worked as senior adviser. He also created and managed the organisations of Miljoresurs Linne (non-profit organisation for sustainable development) and Bioenergigruppen (organisation for R&D in biofuel heating plants, emission reduction), supporting public authorities and politicians towards a sustainable development, from very technical projects to awareness-raising of citizens.



Brussels, 15 June 2016. Photos :


 The Regional Natural Park of Luberon (France) works on energy efficiency and the development of renewable energy, assisting local authorities on these subjects. Its main achievement is to have developed, since 2009, a team of energy technicians, who are sharing their time between 40 municipalities of Luberon, following public energy consumptions and expenses, tracking potential savings, and proposing measures to save energy.



Brussels, 15 June 2016. Photos:


 Late Marc Théry (France) worked as a consultant on the energy issues of businesses and territories. He became the architect of the energy approach taken by the Municipality “Le Mené”, small territory in Brittany, France, which targets energy autonomy by mobilizing all of its potential resources in RES. Unfortunately, Mr. Théry passed away last March. He will be deeply regretted for his human as well as for his professional qualities.



 That is why the jury decided that Mr. Théry deserved a special Jury award, which was accepted by his lovely widow Jacqueline, and Mr. Aignel, Mayor of the Municipality of Le Mené.



The next edition of the Roger Léron Award 

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