FEDARENE is always happy to welcome new members. Have a look at what you can expect if you become a member.


Interested? Here are the practical steps you need to follow to become a member:


1. Submit a request for membership to the President of FEDARENE. Address your request to our president Mr. Julije DOMAC, Managing Director of North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency, by sending him a motivated letter by e-mail at fedarene@fedarene.org and by post to our Brussels Office (Rue de Stassart 131, 1050, Brussels, Belgium).


2. The application is voted upon at our yearly General Assembly. 


3. You are paired with a sponsor. A member of FEDARENE will be assigned to you as sponsor to ensure that you are integrated into the Network appropriately and benefit from it fully.


4. Pay the annual membership fee. The fee is calculated according to a formula taking into account different elements such as the size of your staff, the GDP and population figures of the said region.


Should you require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact

the FEDARENE Brussels Office at fedarene@fedarene.org.