A battery driven marina in Ballen, Samso – SMILE Project

Samso Island, Denmark has developed a test marina in the pioneering European project “SMILE”

Ballen marina, Samso, is a test marina in the pioneering European project “SMILE. The project will develop nine smart grid solutions in three large-scale pilot projects in different regions of Europe with similar topographic characteristics but different policies. Amongts those three regions, the Samso Island was chosen to be one of the Pilot Islands on which the project would be implemented. Islands are the ideal candidates for demonstration activities requiring societal engagement and active residents’ commitment. Island communities can be more easily engaged in the real-life testing of solutions aimed at solving important challenges impacting life on the island.

Samsø’s largest marina (Ballen Marina) takes part in the SMILE project, demonstrating the capacity of islands with limited electricity networks to increase the use of renewable energy. Ballen marina is energy-optimized by storing energy in a large battery. The battery supplies up to 340 boats in the marina with solar energy — even after sunset. Latest developments in March 2020 show that in Samsø the site acceptance test has just finished successfully. 

Main outcomes of the Project:

  • Over 89% of expected solar panel self consumption.
  • Over 47% (26% without battery) self supply of the Marina
  • 340 electric connection points for boats
  • 100.000 kWh consumption for the Marina electricity per year
  • 56 000 kWh produced from solar panels per year
  • 240 kWh battery size
  • 60 kWp PV plant size

Find out more here about the Samso Island in the SMILE project. Discover the latest developments with the Ballen marina here.


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