A Nordic Solar Power success story in the Mälardalen region

The Swedish Solar Expo is annually, organized in Uppsala, Mälardalen, Sweden. has developed into one of Sweden’s largest arenas for new environmental technology aimed at the energy and real estate industry.

The Swedish Solar Power Fair gathers the leading companies in solar power, energy storage and environmental technology as well as building owners and decision-makers from all over Sweden. Although high up in the north, the region of Mälardalen has among the highest irradiation in Sweden and solar power has become one of the landmarks of the city of Uppsala, where the fair is located.

The fair is organised by Mälardalen Energy Agency (Energikontoret i Mälardalenand STUNS Energy and in only two years it has become one of Sweden’s foremost venues for new environmental technologies with more than 400 visitors and 30 exhibitors from around the world. The fair is more than an exhibition, it is a platform for dialogue. It brings together companies and people from different parts of the society to address the challenges and possibilities in the field and present the latest cutting-edge projects and political trends.

In addition to fantastic exhibitors, you also get a full-featured seminar program that includes, for example, exciting presentations about developing projects in solar, laws and regulations as well as political discussions and some other surprises. The Swedish Solar Expo is constantly developing with the vision of being the obvious meeting place for new products and services for the future energy system.


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