Ballum Airport Solar Park: Developing Ameland’s energy self sufficiency

Ballum Airport, on Ameland Island, hosts since 2015 a 10 hectares solar park, covering the electricity needs of 1700 households.

Ameland is planning to be self-sufficient in terms of water and energy supply by 2020 and is therefore working together with large parties on sustainable and innovative energy projects on the island. The municipality is the 3rd major island of the West Frisian Islands located off the north coast of the Netherlands. The Ameland Energy Cooperative, where Fryslan Province is a member, the Township of Ameland and Dutch energy supplier Eneco are together developing a project aiming at developing the Island’s potential regarding the production of energy through renewable energy sources.

Since 2015, Ballum airport on Ameland counts 23.000 solar panels on its roof. This solar park is the first of its size in the Netherlands, and already covers the electricity needs of the more than 1500 households on Ameland. The combined power output of these panels represents 6 megawatt.  Moreover, all the panels are connected to the electricity grid, creating a connection with a main switching station.

The project aims at increasing the self production capacity of the island, in order to reduce at the same time the energy dependency of the Island towards the main land. Due to the strong reliance of the Island on touristic activities, the implementation of the project should also help in the development of self sufficiency on energy during off seasons.

The partners involved in the project are also responsible for re-investing the returns of the solar park in in other sustainable energy projects on Ameland.


Country :
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Fryslan Province
Time frame :
2015 - 2019
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