Biogas plant “Fier et Nom“ in the wastewater-treatment plant

PART OF Biogas Regions PROJECT

“Fier et Nom” biogas plant is associated with a wastewater-treatment plant that allows advantages in term of reduction of digested sludge and energy consumption.

This biogas installation is associated with a wastewater-treatment plant. This plant belongs to the city of Thônes, in Haute-Savoie. The architect of the wastewater-treatment has given information about digestion to elective representatives:

  • minimal volume reduction (45%) of digested sludge (saving 66 000 € if the sludge is addressed to incineration);
  • use of the heat from biogas to heat the plant office (saving 3 700 €/year);
  • exploitation over-cost for electricity (approximately 8 500 €/year).


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2005 -
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Regional Energy Agency of Rhône-Alpes Rhônalpénergie-Environnement Valérie Borroni