Creating renewable energy scenarios for the Ile-de-France region

In the framework of the new energy and climate regional strategy, the Energy and Climate department of IAU, previously ARENE*, has brought its expertise to the elaboration of scenarios for 2030.

Experts from energy distributors, the energy transport network, the national energy agency and ARENE/IAU worked together by testing two modelling scenarios including an ambitious hypothesis on new clean fuels for transport (electric, bioNGV, H2), decrease of energy consumption in buildings thanks to energy refurbishment and energy sufficiency.

An overall doubling of renewables in the Ile-de-France region would lead to: 250 biogas installations, 200 wind turbines, 60 km2 of PV panels, 50 biomass industrial heaters, 25 gasification sites and 20 geothermal deep energy sites. The model is based on a strong involvement of both public and private sectors, from the citizens to the companies, associations and institutions and with closed partnership between cities and the Region. This working group will continue to develop the models in the next years in order to refine the results and support a sufficient, efficient and clean region.


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