Emmertsbühl Biogas Plant, Germany

PART OF Biomethane Regions PROJECT

Best practice case study for a biomethane production facility in Emmerts

The biogas / biomethane plant is located at an arable approximately 120 km to the north east of Stuttgart in the Baden-Württemberg in Southern Germany. The farmer and AD plant operator originally developed an AD plant at the site in 2005 with wheat being the primary feedstock and biogas utilised in a CHP plant, although there was no local user for excess heat generated at the plant. By 2008 the operator was exploring options for the expansion of the plant and wished to increase the utilisation of biogas generated. In collaboration with the energy company EnBW Vertrieb GmbH, a scheme was developed whereby the plant could be extended and biogas production would be sufficient to allow the upgrading of biogas to biomethane with injection into the local gas grid. This included a novel means of utilising the local low pressure gas grid as the injection point with excess gas being exported, via the low pressure grid, to the medium pressure gas network.




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2008 - 2012
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EnBW Vertrieb GmbH Schelmenwasenstrasse 15, 70567 Stuttgart