Energy Transition Role Models Campaign: Giving visibility to female leadership in the Energy Sector

GWNET launches the campaing “Energy Transition role Models : Inspiring the next generation of women entrepreneurs”, showcasing remarkable women in the Energy field.

GWNET (the Global Women’s Network for the Energy Transition) launches the campaign “Energy Transition role Models : Inspiring the next generation of women entrepreneurs“. This campaign showcases portraits of remarkable women entrepreneurs in the sustainable energy field, working in different disciplines and countries. The campaing aims at giving female leadership visibility and thereby inspire and encourage others – especially young female students and graduates – to follow suit. It should benefit any woman looking to become an energy entrepreneur.

We believe that the personal experiences of the women featured will provide invaluable insights for younger women looking to move into this space, ultimately supporting and bolstering equal engagement of women in the sector

Christine Lins, the Executive Director and Founding Member of GWNET

The campaing consists in a 14 parts video series and a Brochure. It includes both background on each entrepreneur and personal recommandations from them, as well as global, regional and national resources that women entrepreneurs can use in developing their projects.

The first 5 videos for the campaign are already available to watch here. Three new videos will be released weekly over the next 3 weeks. You’ll be able to watch for example interview of Catherine Adelmann, CEO and founder of Fosera in Germany, or to disover the story of Maysoon Al-Khuraissat, general manager and founder of adaa Sustainable Development Cons., in Jordan.

The video series is accompanied by an informative brochure which contains global, regional, and national resources for entrepreneurs, and hopes to balance the picture of the predominant image of male leadership – and entrepreneurship, by showing a wide array of what is possible for female entrepreneurs in the sphere of sustainable energy. Among others, you can read in the brochure about innovative block-chain based solutions or financing and legal services.

“The lack of female role models compounded by unconscious bias around the image of what leadership looks like have been cited as some of the main hindrances to women’s engagement – a fact that can be acutely witnessed in the energy sector. This campaign works towards changing this picture and aims to inspire girls and women around the world to overcome these hurdles, to confront the challenges women encounter when setting up or managing a venture in the sustainable energy sphere and to put their business ideas into practice.”

Irina Gaubinger, Project Manager of GWNET

Apart from sharing individual personal experiences and insights into women’s entrepreneurial journeys, the campaign has identified commonalities among the women featured, including:

  • the desire to have an impact as a driver for founding one’s own business;
  • the desire for factual and intellectual independence;
  • the ability to flexibly manage one’s time and to use time efficiently;
  • the need for a good business partner;
  • the eagerness to learn as a prerequisite to continued success;
  • the acceptance of mistakes and/or failures and to incorporate the lessons learned;
  • the importance of equitable parental leave, appropriate childcare, and having suitable support systems in place for families.

Learn more about the Campaing on GWNET Website. Take part in the campaing and get involved on social media using the hashtag#EnergyTransitionRoleModels!

Watch the videos here, and download the Brochure.


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