Field test e-mobility in Lower Austria

18 households were selected in Lower Austria and to test the influece of the daily use of 23 e-cars on the power grid

Can a low voltage power grid support one street if all households are using an electric car? A small village in Lower Austria was selected to test the influence of e-cars on the power grid. 18 households got 23 e-cars for their daily use. A simple control technology monitored the voltage in the grid and slowed down the charging process if needed. Within the six weeks tryout the voltage in the grid was never in a critical state and each morning all cars had a full battery. The participants were enthusiastic and used the electric cars for 90 percent of their everyday trips, with a total of 53.000 km in 6 weeks.

In the future, the field test will be extended. In the village Obersiebenbrunn, it will be analysed how e-mobility can be realised in large scale residential buildings; with a focus on charging in underground parking and e-car sharing systems. In a third village called Echsenbach, an intensification of the first field test will be repeated. Winter months will provide insights into extraordinary situations with additional consumption of heat pumps and electric cars.


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Lower Austria
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eNu Matthias Komarek