H2020 Winwind project best practices: Regione Abruzzo farm repowering case study

Find out about the Regione Abruzzo Alto Vasto repowering case study, which was recognized as a best practice in terms of participatory process and active involvement of citizen.

Regione Abruzzo is strongly committed to fostering the production of renewable energy and the improvement of energy efficiency. In the region, there are 10 big wind farms, located mainly in Chieti and L’Aquila provinces with 185,4 MW of electric power total amount in 2018, and 329,4 GWh produced energy. Regione Abruzzo recently released the authorizations for the repowering of 4 wind big power plants belonging to «Alto Vastese» wind farm, located in 3 municipalities of Chieti province: Castiglione Messer Marino, Schiavi D’Abruzzo and Roccaspinalveti. The repowering consists in the replacement of some old turbines with fewer new more powerful ones and an electrical power increase of 30 MW.

In the framework of Horizon 2020 WinWind project (joined by ENEA -Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development), more than 30 European case study have been analized to identify best practices and the key development factors for the social acceptance of wind energy.

Long authorization processes and Nimby effect could affect the spread of renewable energy power plant. Grant processes have to be simplified by public administrations while the concerns about nearby development of a technology (Nimby) should be handled allowing local communities to participate directly in the plant planning and management.

In the framework of Winwind project, the involvement of citizen and open, transparent communication between companies, public administration and inhabitants have been identified as the most important key point to facilitate the acceptability of wind power plants.

Regione Abruzzo Alto Vasto repowering case study was recognized as a best practice, in terms of participatory process and active involvement of citizen. Inhabitants and stakeholders have been consulted both in the early repowering project phase both in the authorization process. Since the beginning, the company, promoted a clear communication, listening suggestions and worries of the local population, also to fix principles to follow in the project itself such as a high recovery rate of existing infrastructures and a low visual impact, thus allowing a smoothly repowering as a  as a result of a synergistic collaboration of all stakeholders.


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