Towards an Eco-Island by 2020: The ECOGozo initiative (Malta)

As part of the ECOGozo strategy, the Island is developing a refursbishement project focused on energy efficiency improvement in public buildings.

Eco Gozo is a concept which summarises the Government’s vision for the future of the island. It is a vision, which aims at transforming Gozo and Gozitan society into a sustainable reality, environmentally, but also socially and economically. Gozo aims to become an eco-island by 2020, supported by an engaged and committed sustainable community. The Gozo Island is part of the Malta’s Archipelago, second largest Island with a population of 37,000 or so people, covering an area of 67 km2.

The EcoGozo Regional Development Directorate was established by the Ministry for Gozo in 2009 as the local sustainable development strategy for the island of Gozo. The ECOGozo policy aims to foster the transformation of Gozo into an Eco-island by 2020. As part of this Policy, the Ministry for Gozo started a large-scale energy refurbishment project in the island in 2015. The project, completed in 2019, focuses on the investment in alternative energy sources and energy efficiency interventions aimed to help mitigate climate change. The implementation of this initiative led to a reduction of 574,400 ton of CO2 per year, and also took a step forward in the Island’s long term strategy in becoming an Eco Island by 2020.

The project mainly focused on the installation of photovoltaic system on public facilities, the transformation of the Ministry’s building in a NZEB by 2020 and the general improvement of energy efficiency in public buildings, through the installation roof insulation, double glazing, a centralized heating/cooling system and replacement of lighting. The project has a total budget of €1.4 million, financed by the ERDF programme and the Ministry for Gozo.


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2015 - 2019
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Ministry for Gozo Eco Gozo Directorate