Biogas Action – Working with a Community Energy Company in Wales


Ynni Anafon has installed a 240kW hydro system on the Anafon river. This has been a tremendous success but unable to facilitate one of the highest wishes of the Abergwyngregyn village – cheaper electricity. Ynni Anafon sought advice from experts and is considering biogas.

Ynni Anafon ( an “Industrial and Provident Society” has already installed a 240kW hydro system on the Afon (River) Anafon, in 2015. This hasbeen a tremendous success but it is unable to facilitate one of the highestwishes of the village (Abergwyngregyn) residents – cheaper electricity. As thehydro generator exports at high voltage, it is not suitable to use as part of the“Energy Local” model. The generating source needs to be on the low voltagesystem.

Ynni Anafon sought advice from local experts on renewable energy and it was suggested that they look at a combination of two or more technologies to provide the necessary generation for their proposed low voltage scheme to supply the village. One relatively easy technology to install and finance would be photovoltaic (PV). This would however, provide little generation during the winter and none during the hours of darkness. There needs to another means of generation that could supplement this intermittent generation. One of the possible technologies was AD, a potentially good fit with PV, and the community company was advised to contact SWEA (Biogas Action).

Aims and Objectivesof this Action
The objective is to fit a second technology (possiblyalongside a battery storage system) that would be reasonably cost effective inproviding a balance to the intermittent supply of electricity from a fairlylarge PV array – that would probably be sited on the roofs of cattle buildingson a farm on the edge of the village.
The question for Biogas Action was whether AD could be thattechnology – and if so what form it would take


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