Zagreb Smart City Strategy

REGEA (North-West Croatia, Croatia)

The City of Zagreb, capital of Croatia, is in the final phase of the preparation of its Smart City Strategy, a process which started in October 2016 with the official decision of the Mayor, Milan Bandić, to establish a wide-ranging working group with the responsibility to formulate the strategy.

The underlying objective is to become a better/smarter city within the next 10 years in all key areas of living – from education, economy, transport, energy and governance – all interconnected and linked through a common ICT infrastructure which will enable to make use of the most recent technologies and smart solutions such as Big Data, IoT and others. In order to do so, The Zagreb Smart City Strategy defines key targets and priority measures for the 10-year period. It is based on a holistic approach, having in mind the final goal – to increase the quality of life of all inhabitants of the city.

Members of the working group include representatives of all relevant city departments, institutions, agencies, as well as the company Zagreb Holding Ltd (owned 100% by the City and responsible for providing public services in the City of Zagreb – transport, water supply, gas supply, waste management, etc.). Experts involved in the preparation of the strategy include professionals from leading ICT companies in Croatia.


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Zagreb Smart City Strategy presentation

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