EAP and 3CEA experience as PROSPECT mentors!


Read the experience of 3CEA and EAP being a PROSPECT mentors in Ireland and Bulgaria respectively. Find out about their projects on smart finance for private buildings and street lighting!

The Energy Agency of Plovdiv mentoring smart finance for private buildings and mapping thermographic of built environment through drone thanks to the Prospect programme.

Thanks to the H2020 project PROSPECT, a first-class peer-to-peer learning programme focusing on innovative financing schemes for decarbonisation, the Energy Agency of Plovdiv (EAP) has met with representatives of two community-based energy organizations and the Hungarian municipality of Pétfürdö in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, on 17th-18th September. The two-days training offered the opportunity to learn from the long-lasting experience of the EAP in the field of energy efficiency, renewables, smart cities, energy education and research & development. Prospect’ mentees were exposed and benefitted from the practical knowledge provided on smart finance for smart building, monetizing the future of smart buildings, and RES solutions for energy poor households. With a cutting-edge approach, EAP complemented the training with a demonstration of thermographic imaging of built environment via the use of a drone to detect heat leakages, thus being able to monitor them, as well as to make inhabitants aware of the thermal conditions of their homes thanks to the drone’ imagery.



Learning from 3 Counties Energy Agency and the Kilkenny street lighting model

As part of the H2020 project PROSPECT, the 3 Counties Energy Agency (3 CEA) organized in the premises of the Kilkenny County Council (24th and 25th September, Ireland) an intensive two-day  training on upgrading street lumps for the Association of the Wisloka River Basin Communes. Paddy Phelan and the 3CEA team supporting the Kilkenny County Council presented, step-by-step, the process of making a streetlight inventory with the spatial support from a live web app, its management and monitoring as well as the financing of street light LED retrofit. Since 2014, 3 CEA is making the difference in supporting the three counties of Kilkenny, Carlow and Wexford to develop and implement mitigation actions within the Covenant of Mayors’ sustainable energy action plans and raising awareness among inhabitants on retrofitting of street lights.