Energikontor Sydost celebrates its 20th anniversary

On 21-23 May 2019, FEDARENE was in Växjö, Sweden, to celebrate 20 years of existence. Energikontor Sydost was also hosting the 2019 FEDARENE General Assembly.

Energikontor Sydost, the energy agency of South-East Sweden, took the opportunity of their 20th anniversary celebration to organise a three-days conference in Växjö entitled “Smart Energy City”, aimed to showcase the great solutions implemented by resource efficient and smart cities like Växjo and Aarhus.

Many stakeholders of the field were present, including FEDARENE members and renowned guests such as our President Julije Domac and founder of Energikontor Sydost Hans Gulliksson. Between 1999 and 2014, Mr Gulliksson created and managed the regional energy agency, contributing to speed up sustainable development in the region. During the event, he reminded that when we started his work, climate was not a preoccupation of citizens and energy stakeholders. These issues were then integrated in the local and regional targets, making Växjö and the region a pioneer in sustainable energy.

As our President Julije Domac recalled, “Many years ago, I got infected by the Energy Transition virus here in Växjö. Many of us were coming from different European countries to get inspiration on how to implement energy efficiency and RES measures in our respective countries and regions. Now, it is a pleasure to be back on behalf of FEDARENE and to be able to learn from the Swedish agencies again.”

According to current director Christel Liljegren, this success is mainly owed to the hard working team of the agency: “Our team of professional project managers, financial managers and communication officers work hard to ensure that all our key actors have the right knowledge and tools to be able to make buildings, transports, businesses, industries… better, more resource efficient and independent of fossil fuels. And that they also have active strategic workplan for teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future and behaviour changes in the society.”

Christel Lijegren and Hans Gullikson also experessed their gratitude towars FEDARENE and all the benefits they have yielded from membership over the years: the involvement in numerous EU projects, bringing EU funding and stability to the agency, but also the rich exchanges of experiences between FEDARENE members. Christel declared: “As one of the largest energy agencies in Sweden we bring expertise and knowledge within a wide range of topics to our region – but most importantly we bring you. All our friends from all across of Sweden and Europe – a huge collection of experiences, good examples and opportunities for cooperation. We need to learn from each other’s successes and failures to speed up, cause we are running out of time. There is now overwhelming scientific evidence that humanity poses such pressures on Earth that we can no longer exclude destabilizing the entire Earth system, undermining possibilities for future prosperity.”

FEDARENE would like to congratulate Energikontor Sydost one more time for their exceptional work and added value to our Network. We look forward to the next 20 years of cooperation. Happy birthday!