Energy storage in the smart grid

Learn about the opportunities and challenges related to energy storage technologies through Escan’s experience.

The increase of renewable facilities for electricity generation, with variable production depending on weather conditions, has led to the boom in energy storage facilities in the distribution networks, supporting the balance between generation and demand, frequency stability, voltage maintenance, removal of current gaps, delay of investments and many other services depending on the power network needs.

Although the regulations are not fully developed in the EU as a whole, countries such as Germany have already developed regulations for the commercial use of these technologies, motivated by the benefits they bring to the national electricity system and connections with neighbouring countries. Also small storage systems are designed for communities to share energy production and demand. Escan has cooperated in the sizing and benefit assessment of Ion-Lithium storage systems, which can range from less than one MW to more than 20 MW, supporting the electricity market balance and the services for which it is designed.