Efficient Buildings & Renewable Energy – Med Community Conference

Building our capacity of influence for an efficient, inclusive and renewable energy model for Med area

18 October 2018

Strengthening the community and tracing the route for a common work


  • To better kNow and to exploit the knowledge resulting from the modular projects,
  • To meet the experts from energy/environmental sector,
  • To underline the current state, challenges and assets,
  • Awareness raisin, training and education,
  • To explore and to search synergies between key persons, share best practices and innovative ideas,
  • To formulate the recommendations for the improvement of the sector.

19 October 2018

Capitalizing on MP’s outcomes and paving the road for a powerful policy making


  • To explore links between energy/environmental actors and players, share common ideas and process for improvements in the basin and or beyond,
  • To better understand and overcome difficulties related to the energy/environmental sector,
  • To present the important results from projects to the target groups,
  • To share political news, information and ideas,
  • To share, gather and disseminate information,
  • GoaL and activities post 2020.