EIB – Smart Cities & Islands Investment Platforms Conference

High-level panellists will elaborate how smart investment can address the existing infrastructure gaps and unlock innovative project solutions.

The European Investment Bank and the Croatian Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds have joined forces to organise a full day conference on smart investment.

Why is the ‘EU Bank’ organizing a conference on smart and sustainable urban investments?  Over the last decades, cities have been growing in terms of population and economy much more than the rest of the territory in Europe and have become true competitiveness, trade and high-end service hubs. However, cities also face difficult challenges, including social exclusion, budget cuts and pollution. The projected increase in urban population over the coming decades further accentuates these opportunities and challenges as a model of successful urban regeneration.

Julije Domac, president of FEDARENE and EU Covenant of Mayors Board member, will assist as speaker and guest of honour to the seminars of the full-day conference that is looking to spur a momentum towards smart cities and smart islands development. High-level panellists will elaborate how smart investment can address the existing infrastructure gaps and unlock innovative project solutions. The conference will include a presentation on the emerging Croatian Smart Cities and Islands investment platform. Topics include smart city initiatives, investment platforms, financial instruments including grant combinations, project preparation, advisory services, technical assistance and new sources of financing.