EUCF Webinar for Czech municipalities

PART OF European City Facility PROJECT

Get ready for the 2nd EUCF Call!
The EUCF National network and country expert for Czech Republic are organizing the EUCF webinar for Czech stakeholders on the 12th March 2021.

The European City Facility (EUCF) supports municipalities in developing investment concepts for sustainable energy projects. Simple financial support (in the form of € 60,000 lump sum) as well as knowledge transfer and learning through best practice examples are planned.

It is time to use the potential of cities and municipalities to build sustainable investment programs (i.e. investments in energy efficiency and renewable energies) and to bundle many small projects into large investment portfolios.

The EUCF webinar for Czech municipalities will take place on the 12th March 2021 at 10:00 am. Don’t miss out this opportunity to boost your municipality’s sustainable energy plan!

Programme of the event:

  • Eligibility criteria of the 2nd EUCF Call
  • Lesson learnt from the 1st Call
  • Preparation and submission of a project application: content and requirements, acquaintance with the online platform, etc.

The second part of the webinar is dedicated to the legal context of energy projects in municipalities . Representatives of the Frank Bold Advokáti’s Office will present a summary of current legislation and its impact on municipalities, instructions on how to set up an operating model for community energy, and finally information on the opportunities of the Modernization Fund.

The technical and organizational background of the webinar was provided by Semmo – Association of energy mangers of towns and municipalities. It is possible to join the webinar with one click on the day of the event / check-in from 9:50 /

Video invitation to the event on the HCCZ website: