Green Solutions Awards 2018 – International Winner Gala

Construction21 will announce the international winners of the Green Solutions Awards 2018 on December 6.

The 9 international winners of the Green Solutions Awards 2018 will be revealed on December 6 in Katowice (Poland), the city where the COP24 will also take place. The awards will be hosted inside the University of Silesia where the most notable buildings, districts and infrastructures will be rewarded in the presence of 200 professionals from around the world.

The Green Solutions Awards are an international contest of sustainable solutions for buildings and cities. Powered by the Construction21 network, these awards feature a national stage – where candidates compete in their country – and a subsequent international stage gathering the champions selected on each Construction21 platform.

Those who are unable to attend can follow the Awards ceremony in real time through social media networks. Furthermore, a broad communication plan is planned and Construction21 partners will also relay the event. In addition to this visibility, the winners will be offered a video highlighting their projects. These videos will be broadcast on Construction21 and social networks, and they will win a full page in the winners brochure. See the 2017 brochure.

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This event takes place on the Buildings Day of COP24, and right after a the Building Action Symposium organised by the Global Alliance for Building and Construction (GABC), also hosted at the University of Silesia.

The 2018 GlobalABC Buildings Action Symposium at COP24 provides a platform to unlocking the potential of Nationally Determined Contributions for transforming the buildings and construction sector. The Symposium will present findings from the GlobalABC Guidance tool on Incorporating Buildings Sector Climate Actions in Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). Speakers will present best practice cases of countries that have featured buildings and construction in their NDCs in a meaningful manner. The Building Action Symposium will also highlight the need for coordinated action among key stakeholders, including national and sub-national governments, private sector, academia, and civil society, and showcases examples where such coordination has led to creating powerful NDCs. Participants will discuss the way forward, identifying priority steps for making NDCs a powerful tool of transformation. These priority steps will serve as input for other high-level events on buildings and construction during COP24.

More information about the GABC