ManagEnergy Master Class – Module 1

PART OF ManagEnergy - Leaders in Energy Transition PROJECT

The ManagEnergy Master Classes consist of tailor-made 3-day programmes in Brussels, delivered by leading energy experts and targeting senior and management level energy agency staff.

If you haven’t attended or applied for the ManagEnergy Master Classes, now is the time to do so. Indeed, the last Master Class on Module 1 will take place on 29-31 January 2019 in Brussels.

Module 1 sets the foundations of project financing by focusing on Market Facilitation and Project Aggregation. Module 2 and 3 go further in private financing and financial instruments. Skills acquired from Module 1 are needed to attend Module 2 and 3. Consequently, you are encouraged to apply now for this Master Class in order to be selected for the next ones.

All modules entail lots of group work, engagement activities and guest speakers. As there are only 25 places available, you are encouraged to apply early.  Financial support for attending is available.

The ManagEnergy team looks forward to receiving your applications. If you have any questions, feel free to contact them at