ManagEnergy Masterclass – Module 2

PART OF ManagEnergy - Leaders in Energy Transition PROJECT

You can still register for ManagEnergy Masterclass on “Involvement of Banks and Mobilising Private Investment” from the 14th to 16th October 2019 in Brussels.

After a successful Module 1 setting the foundations of project financing by focusing on Market Facilitation and Project Aggregation. Module 2 goes further in the Involvement of Banks and Mobilising Private Investment.

Master Classes are a new and innovative way to increase the capacity of energy agencies to place themselves at the forefront of energy investments across Europe. Consisting of 16 hours of interactive tuition and training, the classes focus on topics such as market facilitationproject developmentfinancing solutions, and other related topics. The format of the classes includes lectures, workshops, case studies and guest lectures from agencies and organizations relevant to energy investments. Financial support (up to a maximum of €550) is provided to participants for travel and accommodation costs.

Participants who complete the Master Classes are given the opportunity to gain academic credits for their efforts. To achieve the credits, participants will need to submit a Portfolio demonstrating how they have applied the relevant knowledge and skills from the Module in their particular work circumstances. Subject to successful approval, they will ultimately receive a Special Purpose Award (10 ECTS) at Level 6 in the European Framework of Qualifications (EFQ).

  • Registration: here