PEGASUS Microgrids Summer School


A two days summer school will take place 30th and 31th of May 2019 in Cagliari powered by PEGASUS and supported by Interreg MED.

The PEGASUS Interreg-MED project consortium has the pleasure to invite you to its summer school taking place on the 30th- 31st of May in Cagliari, Italy. The planned workshop aims to cover most of the functionalities of the microgrid concept and its different modes of operation with the current technologies, aligned with the targeted policies of the clean energy package of the EU.

During this 2 days-event, participants will explore what prospects are microgrids opening for local/regional energy transition. A special attention will be given to understanding how microgrids may become active components of integrated grids, optimise use of local energy resources and enable the zeroing of the carbon footprint of Municipalities and Communities. The PEGASUS partners will leverage their knowledge from experimenting a simulation of functioning of microgrids in 7 pilot areas: France, Cyprus, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Malta and Greece. The modelisation of microgrid business models is a core objective of this 2 days event.

Day 1

European Academics and Energy Sector experts participate in the first day event’s agenda raising the appetite for understanding the concept and identifying the technologies that make it happen. As can be seen from the items of the agenda in the morning, the utilization of local resources is addressed and promises to clarify how this use can be efficient and supportive to the energy mix. Also apart from technical issues; economics, policy and regulations supporting microgrids and the way to move forward is tackled.

Day 2

During the second day of event, the consortium of the PEGASUS project will present the pilot systems developed and operated through the project and elaborate on the lessons learned that can have notable benefits through replicable solutions at pan European scale. Coordinator of PEGASUS conclude the event by presenting the key points and the way to move forward in the future of microgrids and modern energy systems.