PROSPECT Webinar: Innovative financing through peer learning


The province of Girona will present its experience in the PROSPECT project, encouraging the exchange of knowledge and experiences on innovative financing schemes used to implement sustainable energy and climate plans.

PROSPECT aims to encourage the exchange of knowledge and experience on innovative financing schemes used to implement sustainable energy and climate plans, especially within the framework of the Covenant of Mayors. Through peer mentoring activities and study visits, cities and regions learn how to finance the energy transition from the ones who understand it the most: their peers!

This webinar will present the programme through the eyes of a mentor and a facilitator and will give participants a first glance at what and who they could meet in the PROSPECT peer learning exchanges.

Why participate?

  • Find out more about the PROSPECT peer learning programme
  • Learn about Province of Girona experience in bundling investments for the street lighting and public buildings in 60+ municipalities in the province
  • Discover how the PROSPECT programme can help you with the financing of your sustainable energy projects

Who should participate?

Local authorities, Provincial or Regional authorities, Energy Agencies and all those who are supporting the public sector in implementing their energy transition


10:30-10:35 Introduction- Bernadett Degrendele, EUROCITIES, PROSPECT facilitator
10:35-10:40 Motivation to be a mentor and opportunities – Anna Camp CasanovasProvince of Girona
10:40-11:10 Presentation of Girona’s project on bundling sustainable energy investments in 60+ municipalities – Anna Camp CasanovasProvince of Girona
11:10-11:15 What have the peers/ mentees learnt: How can PROSPECT help you to implement your project idea?
11:15-11:30 Questions and answers
  • Download the agenda here