Business models, funding and financing transport


Join this webinar and learn from the experience of PROSPECT participants and fellow public authorities on the funding of sustainable transport.

Cities, municipalities and regions are learning from each other about innovative financing models in H2020 PROSPECT. Transport is one of the modules which is most demanded to exchange on. However, few good practices exist or could be captured yet.  The purpose of this webinar is to join forces and share guidance for the implementation of  Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) and present the PROSPECT mentors on transport, who will share their concrete examples: 1) City of Valladolid and 2) London, Borough of Croydon. Both cities act as mentors in PROSPECT and have shared their experience with many mentees. This webinar gives an opportunity for a broader public to learn and exchange on this subject.

Watch the recording

and download the speakers’ presentations:

1. Bernadett Degrendele, EUROCITIES,  Introduction and presentation of PROSPECT

2. Jesus Gomez, Angela Rivada, City of Valladolid, mentor in PROSPECT: How to develop a sustainable ecosystem for mobility projects

3. Stefan Werland, Wuppertal Institute: Financing and Funding Options for Sustainable Urban Mobility

4. Ben Kennedy, Borough of Croydon, City of London, mentor in PROSPECT: Local access and charging restrictions in London